We may be a small market team with a modest payroll. We may be overlooked because we play mostly in the Pacific Time Zone. Despite winning back-to-back AL West titles, we may not be considered the favorites to repeat in 2014 because we have no mega-contract players like the Rangers, Angels or Mariners.

But what we do have is one of the best all-around players in Major League Baseball.  His name is Josh Donaldson.  Of course, being an A’s fan who watches him patrol third base every night, you already knew that.

As you remember, J.D. was a voting anomaly last season.  He was not selected for the 2013 American League All-Star team, yet the Baseball Writers Association of America cast enough votes for Donaldson that he finished fourth in the American League MVP balloting. His 222 votes were more than Robinson Cano, Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, Adrian Beltre and Manny Machado. 

Every team needs an anchor player, someone who leads with his production and clutch play. Every manager needs a player he knows he can write on his lineup card each game. Donaldson is clearly that man, a very strong athlete who thrives on playing every day. He may not always be 100% healthy—at times nursing leg strains—but there’s no doubt he is a firm believer of the school of strap-it-on-and-play. And while a very humble person who’s truly grateful for the opportunity the A’s have given him, Josh also brings that swagger on the diamond that can intimidate the opposition and embolden his teammates.

Since the start of the 2013 season, Donaldson has ranked among the American League leaders in most important offensive categories. He’s fourth in doubles, seventh in RBI and on-base percentage and ninth in slugging percentage. And maybe more significantly, he ranks first or second in virtually every category among AL third baseman during that period. First in game-winning hits. First in OPS. First in RBI. First in runs scored. First in on-base percentage. First in slugging percentage. In games, hits, doubles, triples, home runs, batting average and extra-base hits, he’s second.

Then add his remarkable range, arm and glove as a human highlight reel on defense—what other third baseman had a bobblehead designed as a diving catch over a tarp?—and J.D. is unquestionably the complete package.

So what is this leading to? We have clearly established that Josh Donaldson has always been there for you. Now, it’s time for you to be there for Josh Donaldson. We need to join together and create the buzz and excitement that will drive All-Star voting for Josh this year. It would be a grave injustice if he was denied that special distinction two years in a row. Luckily we have the best, most die-hard fans in baseball. We already have seen your social media power in propelling Eric Sogard to the championship round of’s #FaceOfMLB competition.

Now, we need to show Josh how much we appreciate his play and how he gives everything he’s got in every game he plays. Starting today, we need to start the voting campaign. Fans around the world can cast their votes for starters up to 35 times here on and online and on your mobile devices. You will also have the opportunity to vote for Josh and the rest of your favorite A’s players at the Coliseum when in-stadium balloting begins May 6. The A’s haven’t had a position player named to the All-Star team since catcher Ramon Hernandez in 2003 and shortstop Miguel Tejada in 2002. We’re long overdue.

Use the new #BringerOfVotes hashtag, and we’ll feature the best ones on the team’s social media platforms. Create attention-grabbing signs and display them in the stadium for other fans and TV viewers to see. And encourage your friends and family to vote daily for Donaldson. We already know that Josh has played like an All-Star. Now it’s time to crown him with the honor, so he can make A’s fans proud when he’s introduced at Target Field in Minneapolis on July 15!



The Oakland A’s are NOT a small market team. Their fan base reaches south past San Jose, as far north as Calistoga, and east past Sacramento. The small market nonsense is part of Lew W’s propaganda.

We can make this happen!

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