In a salute to the ever-expanding universe of sports websites, I’ve decided to start my 2013 season in a rather appropriate fashion. I’m going to blog about bloggers.

Specifically, I would like to offer some observations about A’s bloggers—and die-hard fans—who attended Sunday’s BlogFest, which was hosted by our Media Relations & Broadcast Coordinator Adam Loberstein as part of A’s FanFest at the Oracle Arena.

There has been a major shift in sports coverage in recent years, with new fan “voices” materializing in blogs sprinkled across the internet. Some, like Athletics Nation and, have been around for a number of years. Others—like Beaneball, A’s Farm and Swingin’ A’s, among many others—have also entered the fold and shown promise. Mostly, these blogs have added to the overall A’s coverage, along with reliable standbys like the San Francisco Chronicle and Bay Area News Group, by providing fans with interactive components that seem to resonate with a new generation of fans seeking a platform for expression.

In the second year of the event, we had 15 bloggers out at FanFest last weekend. That number represented three times the bloggers who attended last year’s event. We utilized the Warriors’ Interview Room, in the bowels of Oracle, for three question-and-answer sessions featuring Manager of the Year Bob Melvin, Assistant GM David Forst and Third Base Coach Mike Gallego.

I must admit, it looked rather strange for me to see “reporters” with notepads and laptops, dressed in green-and-gold merchandise—one even sporting a Rickey Henderson replica jersey. And sensing this was their moment to delve into the A’s inner sanctum, they left very few stones unturned. Questions covered the gamut, from defensive metrics, to evaluating international players, to the virtues of platooning, to how the recent John Jaso trade came together. Heck, one blogger even posed a question, then two follow-up questions, about The Forgotten Man—Daric Barton!

While Melvin and Forst were outstanding, most reports indicate that the diminutive Gallego stole the show. In a 15-minute burst, Gags regaled his attentive audience with tales of former teammate Walt Weiss, his interest in being a future Major League manager, sharing an honest early assessment of new shortstop Hiro Nakajima, and even offering a rather surprising opinion about five-tool outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. He thinks the Yo-Yo Man could also play shortstop in the rare chance he’s given the opportunity. Probably a more entertaining thought than a practical one, but for the bloggers, it was fun just to speculate. Can you imagine that howitzer of an arm throwing across the diamond?

This marks the third time that we’ve hosted a blogger event in the past year (we also staged an in-season Blog Day last September), and it’s become very clear that these “citizen journalists” and their hordes of readers are providing a valuable new outlet for A’s fans to chat and share opinions. They’re also a welcomed addition for the team, as we continue to broaden our fan base.

Beyond casting a wider net, the integration of the new world of bloggers also underscores a basic opportunity that should exist for everyone—to participate and share in the passion one has for the best game ever invented. Beisbol!

So, no matter whether it’s old school or new school media, we welcome your coverage of the 2013 Oakland Athletics. Trust me, there’s plenty to go around.


It was great to have been a part of this event. Nice shot of my back btw, lol (lower left corner in 1986 road jersey w/ laptop).

Keith “Cpl RFA” Salminen, Producer, A’s Fan Radio

It was a truly great experience! Even though I didn’t get the chance to ask a question, it was awesome to to be able to experience this, I certainly want to do it again! The whole day made for a good couple of entries that will be posted at 7000 Coliseum Way over the next few weeks, and BlogFest was certainly something I will never forget! I hope to have this opportunity again in the near future!
-Nicholas Badders, 7000 Coliseum Way MLBlog

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I’ll have an entry up about BlogFest soon, and one soon thereafter about FanFest itself, but for now, I’lll give you this post, written by A’s PR Director Bob Rose, who we got the chance to talk to between interviews! Thank You to him for his part in organizing BlogFest!

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