UPDATE – With The Tweeting Frenzy Over, It’s Back To Baseball

My most recent blog, posted last night, caused a stir among at least one of our beat writers, and perhaps rightly so.  This writer took me to task, saying I was wrong to say tweeters got the Harden-to-Boston trade (or non-trade) story “flat wrong.”  It was not my intent to suggest it was any of our beatwriters who misrepresented the stage of that possible deal.  They merely said that the A’s and Red Sox were close to a deal.  My comments, obviously a bit too broad, were directed at tweeters and other media, broadcast and internet, around the country that ran with the story prematurely, saying the trade was imminent or had been done.  That said, I must apologize for any misperceptions my words may have caused. The last thing I would want to do is throw my own beatwriters under the bus.  I’m crazy, but not that crazy. Also, I offer a correction.  I wrote that around 10 am Sunday there were reports out of Phoenix that we had traded Ziegler to the Diamondbacks.  Actually, truth be told, the first reports came from the San Francisco Chronicle.  So, my bad.  E-me.  Next time, I promise to check my facts better.

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Well I guess you need to be whipped with a wet noodle! We except your apology!

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