A’s Baseball & Warmer Weather – A Winning Combo!

Bay Area residents, I dare you.  I dare you to find a nicer place to spend three hours soaking up 70-degree weather than at an A’s day game at the Coliseum.  And I also dare you to find a more affordable option on the local sports scene today.  And I dare you to find a more exciting and talented young pitching staff than the 2011 Oakland A’s, which features four early All-Star candidates in their midst.

That said, I hope you take heed and come out to the yard during the next homestand early and often.  Weather prognosticators are expecting high 60’s and low 70’s with plenty of sunshine during the seven-game run against AL divison leaders Texas (Friday-Monday) and Cleveland (Tuesday-Thursday).  Three of the four games vs. Michael Young, Adrian Beltre & Co. will be matinee affairs, while the Indians’ series finale will also be staged under glorious sun!  Really, is there anything much better than day baseball!  Green grass, blue skies and white shoes.  Yes!

And that’s not even considering the great season-long deals that our marketing guru, Jim Leahey, has concocted to provide every-day value to A’s fans.  I mean, virtually every day of the week offers something pretty cool.  There’s free parking on all Chevy Free Parking Tuesdays (except 5/31).  BART $2 Wednesdays mean selected $2 game tickets.  And new this year, 10,000 fans will receive coupons for free hot dogs for Thursday games.  Fridays, beyond being a popular Fireworks Night (2 of the 5 Fireworks games are on Fridays in 2011), may offer Bay Area sports fans the best bargain anywhere–Xfinity Friday Family Packs, whereby a family or group of four can attend a big league baseball game, eat a dinner consisting of a hot dog, bag of peanuts and a soft drink, all for only $50 total!  Try that one on for size at another sports venue in the Bay Area!  And this does not even count the promotional giveaways on most weekends at the Coliseum.  This Saturday will be Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day, while Sunday is Kids Magnet Set Day.  And don’t forget next Thursday’s special Atleticos T-shirt/Cinco de Mayo giveaway, the final day game of the homestand! So when it comes to value, great team matchups and magnificent weather, I dare you to find a better deal than A’s baseball.  Whether you’re a parent looking for a family outing for your kids, a hardcore baseball fan who wants to see how the A’s will fare against top competition, or just someone looking to “catch some rays” now that our lousy weather is over, look no further than 66th Avenue.  Go A’s!

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