November 2010

Showing Your Colors, No Matter The Cost

You want to know what makes
a father proud?  When your son is a baseball
martyr.  With our cross-bay rivals
parading down Market Street
today, my son, Luke, has stood tall. 
He’s a junior at St. Mary’s High School in Berkeley and this is “Spirit Week” leading up
to the school’s Homecoming this weekend. 
Students are encouraged to wear colors that support their favorite
team.  You can only imagine the sea of Black
& Orange on
campus today.  It’s almost as though
Halloween went into extra innings.


Yet, there’s Luke, sporting
his Dave Stewart jersey and A’s cap.  At
the breakfast table this morning, I told him, he was a brave young man and that I
was very proud of him.  He just kind of
shrugged it off, saying “C’mon dad….I’ve got to represent.”   

In fact, Luke
has courageously worn his soiled and frayed A’s cap to school every day since
the playoffs began.   This, without his
father’s urging.  You can only imagine
the razzing and persecution he subjected himself to.  Yet, in some strange way, I think he enjoyed
the conflict.  He wanted to show some of
his classmates what a true fan is all


That being said, I was proud
that the Oakland
A’s today took out a full-page ad in the San
Francisco Chronicle
to congratulate the Giants on a storybook season.  It was an incredible accomplishment.  One of the things I enjoy most about baseball
is it’s a fraternity.  Every team can empathize
when another team endures a long losing streak, and the same goes when another
team reaches the pinnacle in the sport. 
We all know how difficult the journey is.  And the fact that it was their incredible
pitching staff that propelled the Giants to the title should only remind A’s
fans that we may not be that far away.  Add
a few pieces to your lineup, and those ulcerating close losses can turn into
clutch victories real quick.  Eduardo
Perez, the former player and now ESPN commentator, was asked yesterday morning
on SportsCenter who he thought could be the “Giants of 2011.”  Without hesitating, he said, “the Oakland A’s.”  Now, I’m not saying we’re going to add a
fifth World Series trophy to our trophy case next season, but at least we
should all have hope.  Hope is a
beautiful thing…especially when you have pitching.


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