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two months after I started my job as the new public relations director, I had
the pleasure of meeting
Billy Owens,
the A’s affable director of player personnel. 
It was August 2008, the White Sox were in town and Owens was parked next
to the batting cage at the Coliseum during BP. 
I asked him about a young prospect named
Chris Carter (right), the outfielder who came over in the Dan Haren trade
with Arizona
and had unleashed a 39-homer, 104-RBI season in his first year in the A’s farm
system at Single-A Stockton.  I
distinctly remember what “Billy O” said: 
“No one here in uniform tonight has more natural power than that kid,”
he said.  “He’s still raw but you can’t
teach that kind of power.”  Then I looked
around, and I saw
Ken Griffey, Jr., Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Frank Thomas and Jack Cust,
all in uniform.  “Billy O” looks at me
again and just nods his head. 


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Could this guy be for real?  Add him to Carter and
two-time All-American and Pac-10 Player of the Year
Brett Wallace (right), the prize piece in the Matt Holliday trade, and A’s fans may be seeing
the long ball return to Oakland sooner than we think.


Hey Bob,

I have some marketing ideas for the team (as a fan). Can I send them to you?

Hi Bob- Love the blog. A’s fan from back in the Dave Revering-Gary Alexander days, which were way, way before most of today’s rotation were even born…….Ugh…..

Watching Weeks and Desme in the Rising Stars game- can’t wait for those two, Carter and Mr. Wallace to start peppering the Oakland lineup. It’s nice to have some position prospects for a change! (Gotta admit, I’m loving this Chris Heisey from Cincy, though…..)

Do you think we have a chance of seeing Wallace or Carter in Oakland on Opening Day? I’m doubting, but hopeful.

P.S.- See if Billy can get this Heisey- he’s a player!


Wow, a Dave Revering reference. You ARE an A’s fan. Totally understand your excitement about Carter, Desme, Wallace, etc. No question we have a lot of big-time talent coming through the pipeline in the next few years. Whether they’re ready for prime time in 2010 is anybody’s guess. I’m sure Billy would prefer to see them develop another year in the minors, but as we saw last spring, it still comes down with assembling the best 25-man roster out of camp. Anderson, Cahill and Bailey certainly were not favorites to start the 2009 season with the big club, so I would guess nothing is etched in stone right now. Keep the comments coming and thanks for reading my blog!



Hi, Bob, I love your blog. I am a long-time A’s fan from my childhood in Kansas City when the A’s moved from Philadelphia to KC in 1955. In fact, Lou Boudreau lived in our house the summer before when he and some of his staff were lining up all the details of their move, sponsors, vendors, etc. We always spent our summers in Connecticut. KC summers are abysmally hot and humid.

I spent a couple of days in Phoenix last weekend watching Desme and Weeks in the game Friday in Phoenix Muni and the Rising Stars Game. Both were impressive. I also interviewed the 4 A’s pitchers on the Desert Dogs to get background on the life of ballpayers for my baseball novel, “Contract Year.” I hope to secure a agent and publisher in 2010.

Check out my A’s blog at Let me know what you think.

Bee Hylinski

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